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RRL has been involved in import and export business in partnership with famous international
companies, and remained committed to importing genuine equipment, mainly electronics,
IT equipment, offi ce supplies, furniture, based on market needs and requirements. To name
one part of it, Rahman Rasool Group of Companies offers its imported electronic materials/
equipment through its selling centres situated in Jad-e Nader Pashton, and three storages/
stocks, since 2002.
Rahman Rasool Group of Companies has established a Telecommunication company in
order to further take part in reconstruction of its war-turn country, Afghanistan, being in need
of these services. Tamas Telecom, is established not to provide telephone or internet service
to people, but rather help communication companies like Etisalat, MTN Afghanistan, Roshan
and AWCC, and many TV network to expand their coverage across Afghanistan. How? We
provide the following:
• Site survey
• Towers (supplies)
• Installation of towers
• Erection
• Grounding
• Generator rooms
• Cabling
• Shelters (supplies)
• Road construction (specifi c to roads leading to towers installed in unpaved areas)
• Construction of telecommunication sites
• Installation of Telecommunication equipment (Global System for Mobile ‘GSM’, Microwave,
RBS, BTS, Battery and racks, DDF, repeaters, commissioning of BTS and Microwave,
upgrading and downgrading… etc..)
The Social and Welfare Service of Afghanistan is a non-governmental, neutral, politics-free
institution which is established for purely humanitarian services, apart from any racial, ideological,
political and theoretical discrimination.
Given overall respect to local/country rules and regulations, SWSA maintains its independent
stance towards steadfast steps ahead to reconstruction and rehabilitation of its country.
It intends to carrying out non-stop humanitarian activities, with close collaboration of the
international community to serve vulnerable people, whom would need its services the best.
Areas of activities :
• Vocational training
• Life Education
• Basic Life training package
• Agricultural development
• Etc….
Local offices:
Rahman Rasool Group of Companies, besides in main delegation in Kabul, runs sub-delegations
and offi ces in major cities of the country like Balkh, Kunduz, Herat and Kandahar.
Drawing external investments:
It is worth mentioning that Rahman Rasool Group of Companies has been able to pursue
investment of Al Ghori Company, based in Arab Emirates in Telecommunication field, and
MSM Turkish company in agricultural fi elds. We always remain committed to providing local
services to any investing company who wish to work in Afghanistan
Sub-offices in other countries:
Rahman Rasool Group of Companies has been able to actively contribute to agriculture,
mines, export-import, and logistic services in Tajikistan, Turkey, Ukraine and India.

Rahman Rasool logistics (RRL), an Afghan private company, has been working in Afghanistan
since 1981. It is a registered company with Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA)
with registration number D-26738.
Quality and as such customer satisfaction remains a top priority for RRL in its logistic supplies
chain. RRL supplies all kinds of logistical needs of companies, governmental and nongovernment
organisations, international organisations, embassies, and any other institution
in need of logistic services. We, as an expert company, has tried to focus on major market
demands, and as such, built on our expertise on the following supplies. Nevertheless, it doesn’t
limit our interaction and transactions with our clients ;
• IT equipment supplies
• Offi ce supplies,
– Stationary
– Furniture
• Electronics
• Electrical supplies
• Vehicles

IT equipment and ICT solutions:
Rahman Rasool Logistics (RRL) has been involved in supplying IT equipment since 2001. Since
then, we have contracted with major international organizations and provided them with IT
equipment of different types. Our main clients in this fi eld of activity remains to be UN Agencies,
Respective Embassies (US, UK…etc), other major international organizations. We work to
provide best quality IT equipment which are plug- and- use based materials.
To name few products which are available with RRL :
• Laptop Computers (Dell, HP, Sony VIAO, Inspiron, etc…)
• Copier Machines (Cannon IR, Xerox, etc..)
• Printers (HP, Brother.. etc)
• Scanners
• Flash memories
• External Hard Drives
• Cartridges (all kinds)
• Networking
• …..etc..

Office supplies:
RRL works with reliable international export companies abroad to supply all good quality
materials for its customers. Offi ce supplies, has been another area of RRL’s expertise. We have
developed a team of experts to make sure that best quality materials are provided to RRL’s
respective clients
Stationary :
RRL has actively contributed to supplying stationary to major national and international,
governmental and non-governmental, organizations, embassies, UN agencies, and others,
with good quality materials and low prices :
As there is a range of stationary items, to name very few of them, A4 paper, Manila Folders,
Uni-ball pens, pencils, rubber, photo paper, ID cards, glue, and all the rest.

Furniture :
Rahman Rasool Logistics (RRL) has signed agreements with major international furniture production
companies in order to facilitate access of its clients to any kind of furnishing equipment,
be it for home, offi ce, or bedroom. We import furniture from Malaysia, China, Turkey,
Egypt, and other countries. If you want to enjoy best quality furniture, choose RRL to provide
you the best with lowest price.
A show of few of furnishing products (………………….)
• Carpet
• Mattress
• Pillow
• Bunk beds
• Offi ce chairs
• Offi ce desks
• Wardrobe
• Bookshelves
• Bookcases
• Sofa sets
• Dinning tables
• Ordinary chairs
• Picnic table  ..etc…

Electronics :
RRL started with importing electronics from different countries as a fi rst step to developing
specifi c areas of specialization, and avoid running over all logistical needs, with less focus
on quality. Nevertheless, we want to provide best quality services for our clients. RRL has two
major selling centres of electronics in centre of the city—Jade Nader Pashton.
We provide, but not limited to:
• Air-conditioners
• Refrigerators
• Washing Machines
• Drying Machines
• TV sets
• DVD players
• Sound systems
• Microwaves
• Irons
• Cameras
• ……..etc…..

Electrical supplies:
As a major partner to many organizations, RRL has supplied electrical equipment of different
type with effective price, but good quality in order to help its respective clients enjoy lighting
and quality of its electrical equipment.
We supply:
• Electric cables
• Sockets
• Circuits
• Circuit breakers
• Joint boxes
• Bulbs
• Fluorescent lights
• …… etc…

RRL has been active in fi eld of providing transportation services to its clients since its establishment.
The transportation service of RRL is bound by two types of activities, one being providing
rental vehicles and second being selling brand new and used cars to its clients.
We own (both for selling and lease)
• Armoured vehicles
• Unarmoured vehicles
• 4-Wheel Drive Vehicles
• Vans
• Toyota Corollas
• 4-Runners
• ……..etc…

Types of Contracts:
Rahman Rasool Logistics (RRL) tries to remain fl exible while transacting with its clients. So far,
RRL has signed and will continue to do so two types of contract with is clients:
• Short term contracts
• Long term contracts
Short term contracts:
With full respective to procurement rules and regulations of contracting agency, RRL stands
ready acheter du cialis to supply all different kinds of above mentioned logistical needs to its clients based
on short-term contract. This translates into one time purchase or contracts less than three
months. So far, we have supplied equipment to UN agencies, private sectors, non-governmental
organizations (NGOs), embassies, based on short term contracts, and ad-hoc supply
(one time purchase or otherwise).
Long-Term Contracts:
RRL has signed different long-term contracts with its clients for routine supply of IT equipment,
electronics, electrical items, furniture, stationary, transportation service, and the rest. A longterm
contract is intended to be for one year or more than one year. This gives RRL an opportunity
to regularly supply materials to its clients. We have a professional system to monitor
duration of project, a main focus being assessment of customers satisfaction.


Rahman Rasool Logistic (RRL) is equipped with highly professional staff and business experts.
RRL’s main priority in any fi eld of its activities is and remains to be its ‘customer’s satisfaction’,
and as such building a reputation amongst its clients as trusted and valuable private fi rm,
which is set to provide best quality services.
RRL, as a private fi rm, is committed to worldwide concept of ‘Customer’s satisfaction and
trust, a key to successful business…


Rahman Rasool Logistics laid the milestone of its business for purposes to make efforts and
steadfast ahead to helping the country’s economy be developed. In order to make lives
of thousands of national and international fi rms and institutions easier in terms of tracking
their needs, we, as RRL, started our Logistic supply and transportation services, and as such
contributed to many welfare activities which thousands of vulnerable people benefi tted,
and will continue doing so. ‘A mission to success!’ Do you feel you need any local support?
Choose RRL as best service provider.


Our main asset is our team members, who are carefully recruited, trained and motivated to
meet the increasing demands of our customers.
Our mission is achieved only if we have professional and experienced staff.


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