Executive Summary:

Since the advent of the telephone system, copper wire has traditionally provided the link in the local loop between the telephone subscriber and the local exchange. Economic imperatives and emerging technologies have however opened doors for Wireless local loop (WLL) technology. As the name suggests, WLL uses wireless technology which is coupled with line interfaces and other circuitry to complete the last mile between the customer premises and the exchange equipment.

The recent regulatory changes brought by the Ministry of Communications in Afghanistan has created a competitive environment that gives MTI/TTC-Afghanistan, an opportunity to establish WLL-based, CDMA operations in Afghanistan under the new National Basic Telecom LFSP-license.

Given the advent of technology and opportunities on the ground, Rahman Rasool Group of Companies (RRGC) has established a new company—TAMAS TELECOM– to provide Telecommunication services to appealing clients who needed it the best.

Although Telecommunication services in framework of Tamas Telecom, hereinafter referred to as TTC, doesn’t provide any mobile services, but rather provides the ground for communications between the towers and main stations of the towers, and as such providing better facilities to enable Mobile users, TV users have transparent access to their means of communication, and visuals, be it a mobile phone in a far- flung area, or a TV in city centers, at the same time we are also working to have a strong power supply facilities in every corner of this country so we did do many projects of Power construction and erection of Heavy towers of power transmission in secure and non-secure locations.



Therefore, TAMAS Telecom is established not to provide telephone or internet service to people, but rather help communication companies like ETISALAT, MTN Afghanistan, ROSHAN and AWCC, and many TV networks to expand their coverage across Afghanistan. How? We provide the following:

  • –  Site survey
  • –  Towers (supplies)
  • –  Installation of towers
  • –  Erection
  • –  Grounding
  • –  Generator rooms
  • –  Cabling
  • –  Shelters (supplies)
  • –  Road construction (specific to roads leading to towers installed in unpaved-areas)
  • –  Construction of Telecommunication sites
  • –  Installation of Telecommunication equipment‟s (Global System for Mobile„GSM‟, Microwave, RBS, BTS, Battery and racks, DDF, repeaters, commissioning of BTS and Microwave, upgrading and downgrading… etc…)



Tamas Telecom started its business as a service provider of telecommunication in 2003 in Kabul, Afghanistan, further on with the idea of edge customer satisfaction we established our branches in Mazar e Sharif, Heart, Jalalabad, Kandahar.

Tamas Telecom started its business as a service provider of telecommunication in 2003 in Kabul, Afghanistan, further on with the idea of edge customer satisfaction we established our branches in Mazar e Sharif, Heart, Jalalabad, Kandahar.

The logic behind the selection of above-mentioned provinces to launched office at is that these offices cover the respective zones, of southern, eastern, western, northern, and central Afghanistan and on meantime provision our maximum quality services to our customers at any point of Afghanistan.

After continuous achievements, we started representing a Turkish tower making company exclusively.

afterward, as the demand increased for the Ukranian, Indian and Pakistani antennas, without any reluctance we started our supplies of mentioned antennas to the markets.Our client’s satisfaction is something we can proudly give reference of.



Tamas Telecom (TTC) laid the milestone of its business for purposes to make efforts and steadfast ahead to helping the country‟s economy be developed. In order to make lives of thousands of national and international firms and institutions easier in terms of tracking their needs, we, as TTC, started our Telcom services, and as such contributed to many welfare activities which thousands of vulnerable people benefitted, and will continue doing so. „A mission to success!‟ Do you feel you need any local support? Choose TTC as the best service provider.


Our main asset is our team members who are carefully recruited, trained and motivated to meet the increasing demands of our customers.our mission is achieved only if we have professional and experienced staff.


What do we do?

TTC, as a pioneer telecommunication service provider to communication companies, like MTN, Etisalat,

Roshan, AWCC, and TV stations provide a range of services to help its clients stay reliable in providing either internet or communication services to general public.

We provide:

  • –  GSM Installation
  • –  CDM Installation
  • –  MSC installation the major international networks of standard applications are provided by TTC through different detailed activities hereinafter.

Supply And manufacture:

Although, Afghanistan market doesn‟t produce any tower related products, but TTC, with its expertise in this field, makes sure to provide best quality materials and cost effective tools to contribute effectively in developing communication towers and supplies.


In this field of activity we:

  • –  Support infrastructures to be built
  • –  Provide shelter equipment of best quality
  • –  Provide power generation system
  • –  Fencing materials
  • –  Etc…


Project Services:

With its highly professional staff, and expert engineers,

We tend to provide best quality project services to our clients,

Which includes, but not limited to?

  • Designing site maps
  • Engineering services
  • Professional site surveys
  • Civil engineering work
  • Building foundations
  • Mast and tower erection
  • Installation of equipment’s
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Training
  • etc…..

Galvanized Structures:

In order to help communication Systems work efficiently 24/7, be it winter

Season’s raining and snowing time, and/or summer rains, Tamas Telecom

Focuses to provide galvanized

Structures of best quality under this activity, we provide:

Self-supporting Towers

  • Round, tubular (triangular)
  • Lattice ( Square )

Bolted and/or Welded

  • Guyed Masts
    • Round, tubular, (triangular)
    • lattice ( Square )
    • Bolted and/ or Welded
  • Roof Mounts
    • . monopole



Tamas Telecom has so far used all the local facilities available to provide best quality and standard type of shelters to communication sites; this includes:

  1. ready-made shelters of best quality
  2. Tailored shelters based on requirements of the project
  3. Knock-down and pre-installed shelters
  4. Shelters of Flat, trapeze, sandwich Flat system and other accessories


Civil Work:

With a team of expert construction engineers, Tamas Telecom provides best quality civil work, including but not limited to:

  • Site preparation
  • Site preparation
  • Constructing Tower Foundation
  • Constructing Shelter Foundation
  • Site Works
  • Constructing and painting of Generator and System Rooms
  • Fencing and peripheral protection


Installation services:

Tamas Telecom hires a number of IT, tower, server experts to provide installation services based on choices and requirements of its valued customers, be yourself or your business partners. This includes, but again not limited to:

  • Structure Erection and installation
  • Antenna installation
  • Shelter Installation
  • Equipment installation
  • Antenna Alignment
  • Testing and commissioning


Tamas Telecom Co.LTD  also provides maintenance services for Generators, Air Conditions Telecom Equipment and site infrastructures for all the telecommunication companies,  and other organizations.

  • Generator
  • Replacing of Engine Oil Filter
  • Replacing Engine Oil
  • Replacing Fuel Filter
  • Replacing fuel Water Separator Element
  • Cleaning Air Filter Element with pressurized air.
  • Drain Water from water separator bowl
  • Check batteries acid level and add water if required
  • Check battery acid concentration and add acid if required
  • Clean battery terminals
  • Check antifreeze level in radiator and add if required
  • Terminals and voltage DC Chargers and Dynamo check fuel system, oil pipes, exhaust system and radiator hose.
  • Engine shut down due to over temperature
  • Engine low oil pressure shutdown
  • Testing of emergency shutdown
  • Adjustment of engine valve lash
  • Check alternator belt tension buy viagra cheapest and condition
  • Cleaning engine breather
  • Check battery terminals and lubrication.
  • Fan and alternator belts must be replaced
  • Check and replace the thermostat of the engine cooling system
  • Check pipes and hoses for leaking or loose connections,
  • Check all coupling for cracks or loose fasteners


  • Air Condition Maintenance
  • Filing of gas as and when required
  • Checking of cooling etc.
  • Replacing the faulty AC and installation of the new unit. Will charge extra
  • Cleaning both indoor and outdoor units
  • Checking the power system and automate of the air condition

Telecom Equipment Maintenance

  • Checking the alarms
  • Removing the faulty of RRU
  • Removing the faulty of RBS
  • Checking the Rectifier powering system
  • checking the fee



ATS Maintenance

  • Checking the power system
  • Cleaning all the ATS System
  • Checking whether the ATS shot the power to BTS properly or not




Site Infrastructure Preventive Maintenance once a year

  • Towers visual check
  • Bolts and nuts tightening with proper tools
  • Removing corrosion of tower, shelter fence and other metal elements of sites
  • Removing leakage of shelter or outdoor cabinet
  • Replacing door/ Gate locks if damaged
  • Cleaning sites and sites area
  • Boundary walls painting